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GigLoft vs. Online Courses


Online Courses



$65 – $500
per month
Other courses run anywhere from $10 – $4,000



We teach the entire business of freelancing in the the 21st century with any skill. And we make sure GigLoft’s always-up-to-date content feels as fun as playing a game.
Other courses focus on one topic, like marketing, or how to build a certain type of freelance business. And they’re often outdated, boring, or difficult to follow.

Time until results

Time until results

3 – 12 weeks
with GigLoft!
With others, who knows?

Human support

Human support

Get a dedicated coach, access to expert mentors, and an entire community of like-minded individuals—not to mention the GigLoft team available via email 7 days a week.
Other courses are almost always run by just one person. They either don’t include access to the teacher at all, or the teacher doesn’t have much time to help you.



100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get results within 3 months with GigLoft.
Other courses don’t guarantee results—you’ll see dislcaimers like “results not typical,” which is a big red flag.

Time commitment

Time commitment

Self-paced: you complete work according to your goals and other work/family commitments.
Other online courses release content on a specific schedule, and you can’t access it until they decide. You may also be bound to certain completion time-frames.

Ready to kick-start your freelancing?

We’re actively enrolling for our DIY and full-service programs!

And we reward action-takers.

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How it works for students

Learn the business of freelancing

Every topic involved in becoming steadily, successfully self-employed in 2019.

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We’ll email it to you pronto.

Meet weekly with your career coach

Personal coaching to help you build a full-time freelance business around your unique self. 💁‍♀️

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gigloft freelancer university personal coaching

Meet bi-weekly with expert mentors

Virtual sessions to get help on specific topics when you’re stuck or just want to go faster! 🚀

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Attend live workshops each week

Almost every Thursday, we run workshops, often co-hosted by mentors!

Connect with companies hiring freelancers

Get your foot in the door with our partner brands hiring all kinds of freelancers.

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gigloft partner brands hiring freelancers

Join the community of ambitious people like you

Freelancing can be lonely, but not when you’re part of GigLoft. 🤗

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We’re on Facebook and Slack.
We also host monthly virtual mixers!

It’s time.

Build your dream freelance career.

Ready to earn money with your skills? To dictate how, where, when, and with whom you work? Invest in your future as a freelancer… and beyond.