Meet the GigLoft team.

The dream team built to build the future of freelance.

gigloft cofounder mat sherman callmemat
Mat Sherman

Growth & partnerships

I oversee sales, partnerships and fundraising. I also throw a mean hammer in Ultimate Frisbee 😉

gigloft team cofounder jeremy chevallier headshot
Jérémy Chevallier

Design & marketing

I oversee all our marketing services and product design. I also care deeply about revolutionizing lawmaking.

gigloft team technical cofounder travis delly headshot
Travis Delly

Product Development

I lead our UX and technical efforts, and code the platform yo! I also love my dog Cyrus, video games, and water.

gigloft team admissions lead carly doran headshot
Carly Doran


I find impressive creatives who want to break into freelance, and walk them through the GigLoft admissions process.