the Quest

 for Freelance

Complete missions

Earn rewards

Build your future!

Object of the game

Build your dream freelance career.

And become the best in your category.

Did you know that 85% of people are unhappy with their job?

Yet, most people don’t realize we all have the power within us to pursue our craft full-time, from anywhere in the world. That’s freelance.

Sometimes we just need a little push, right? 🖐️😊

GigLoft Quest is the first-ever game that rewards you for building your own dream career!

As you complete missions, you’ll not only earn rewards, but also acquire the business skills and results that make everything possible for you.

Build your dream freelance career as a writer, artist, musician, maker… whatever you passionately want to succeed in!

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$ 65 

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How to play

Create your player

Complete your missions

Missions achieve meaningful, measurable progress towards your full-time freelance career. Your first one’s on us!

Earn points for rewards

Our rewards are highly valuable for people carving their own path. Curious to know what they are? Start playing. 😉

Create your dream freelance career

If you make it to 1,000 points, you’ll know exactly what we mean. 😉
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