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If you want to build a full-time income creating for yourself and others, GigLoft is the best place to launch your business. Our mission is to make self-employment reliable and collaborative for people everywhere. 🔥

We teach you how to find clients • price yourself • close deals • stay organized • and much more!

Your first session is free!

Dip your toes in. 100% refund if you hate it

Come as you are :)

I came in as a freelancer who relied solely on content mills and ‘as-needed’ writing assignments.”
“I knew NOTHING about the business of freelancing.”
“I had been doing a bit of freelance work previously.”

Pay what you can.

GigLoft has a unique payment structure called “pay as you grow.”

“Cost was one thing that always held me back from being able to access programs like GigLoft. The ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model allowed me to go from relying on tiny content mill payouts to having my own base of clients without worrying about how I was going to afford to continue.”

You only pay $50 to start the program, and ONLY pay installments when you win new clients.

Here’s how it typically looks:

It literally pays for itself!

No clients? You don’t pay. Need to keep more of what you earn? We’ll work out a plan for you.

Take full advantage!

When you join GigLoft, you get access to:

👩‍💼 A Network of successful freelancers, agency owners, founders and investors

🏗️ The same Templates we use to operate successfully

📘 All the Lessons of our combined entrepreneurial experience

📚 The entire Library of podcasts and books we consume

Never had I heard of a program this elaborate before. It's literally a college semester without the expensive books and the sky-high tuition fees. I had a blast learning and growing my business.”
“For the first time, I started really building out my personal brand, making valuable connections and exploring what was truly possible as a freelancer.”
GigLoft helped me go through my business in a systematic, linear way, enabling me to reach out to clients and pitch for work with confidence. The gamified process was fun too - it made me keen to succeed get to the next level.”
Loving it! Mission after mission. The missions encourage me to put time on my calendar and get work done!”

Achieve your goals.

You guys got me off to a great start. I’ve been writing like crazy.”
I'm happy to say that I've officially broken up with the content mill and am now running my own content strategy business.”
In three months I went from knowing NOTHING about the business of freelancing to having my own clients and a legitimate income!
“I now have several recurring clients! Don't hesitate if you need a bit of direction with your own freelancing - you'll build momentum in no time with their help. Cheers guys!”
Because of GigLoft, I’m finally seeing results and can call myself a successful freelance writer.”


Coming together as a group weekly to solve the challenges YOU struggle with.


Unlock huge databases of company information, templates, and guides for every step of your journey.


Ready to earn 5-10x more per client and develop your reputation as a freelancer? This program is for you.


Have an idea but don’t want to pay thousands to develop an app? Build your MVP (minimum viable product) with no-code instead.

Job Hunting

Tired of resumes and job applications? Learn to skip the resume pile and win the chance to prove yourself.


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