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Almost every platform charges fees. The ones that don’t are charging the freelancers, instead.



GigLoft backs our students’ work. See relevant samples before hiring, and start with paid test projects before investing long-term.
Most big platforms don’t back the quality of their freelancers’ work. Quality varies greatly. Have fun sifting through pages of portfolios and don’t make a wrong decision, or you’re stuck paying for it.

Human support

Human support

White glove support from the GigLoft team available via email 7 days a week.
Other marketplaces are too big to care. They’ve got support teams, but good luck.

Time commitment

Time commitment

Practically zero time required from you. Just a quick request form, followed by a few relevant intros in your inbox.
Other platforms make you fill out complicated profiles and multi-step job postings in their app. Then, once your gig is posted, you get to spend even more time reviewing pages of proposals.

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Content writing Social media management


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Growth marketing Video editing 

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From: Mat Sherman <[email protected]>
Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 2:56 PM

GigLofter introduction: Dave, real estate content writer & more

Hi Ben,

Meet Dave, GigLofter and up-and-coming content writer with 10 years experience in real estate and event planning! Find his intro request, LinkedIn profile, and portfolio website below.

On Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 12:35 PM, Dave F. wrote:

• • • 

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gigloft student diana fitts gigloft student william mutugi gigloft student rochelle sampy
gigloft student diana fitts gigloft student william mutugi gigloft student rochelle sampy

Get email intros to freelancers,
without the hassle of job postings.

Average turnaround time is 72 hours. No commitment required yet. If you have additional questions, we’ll be glad to answer them when we hear from you!