GigLoft was an online “modern business” school for freelancers.

We closed our doors in October 2019, having taught over 3 dozen freelancers to find & close their own clients in just 3 months.

GigLoft was born out of PubLoft, a productized content marketing service that we grew from $0 – $24,000 MRR in just 7 months, earning pre-seed investment from Jason Calacanis’s LAUNCH Accelerator the following year.

Though we did many things well, we ultimately suffered from split focus by trying to pursue GigLoft before fully hiring ourselves out of PubLoft. We learned many important lessons about business—including how easily relationships can be damaged by financial stress—and we’re super grateful to all our students, mentors, and hiring partners for believing in us along the way!

Today, Mat helps startup founders raise money with Seedscout, and Jérémy helps people find their place in the world of work via Inspiring Careers.

The guides we produced will remain available for as long as we can. Enjoy!