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go pro.

Learn to find clients who will pay 5-10x more than you’re used to. Go from order-taker to shot-caller. Build a career on your terms.

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Only 3 spots left for 🗓 Q1 2021.

When you join GigLoft, you get a business partner invested in your success.

I’m Jérémy, cofounder of PubLoft, a productized content marketing agency that we scaled from $0 – $24,000 monthly recurring revenue in just 7 months, earning pre-seed investment from Jason Calacanis’s LAUNCH Accelerator the following year.

I’ve been a full-time freelancer, and I’ve worked in early-stage startups, so I understand both sides.

I partner closely with you to help you find better clients, get paid for strategy—not just execution—and ultimately build a remarkable business around yourself.

You also join an alumni network of successful entrepreneurs.

We’re former GigLoft students, full-time practitioners, strategists, entrepreneurs who have built, operated, and scaled our own full-time service businesses.

And we love helping people like you do the same.
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Only 3 spots available per quarter.

How much does it cost?

GigLoft has a unique payment structure—I call it “pay as you grow.”

The full program is $3,000 but you ONLY pay $500 to start the program, if you’re accepted. Then, I invest myself into your success, and you ONLY pay installments when you win new clients.

Here’s how it typically looks:

Month 1

You’re still ramping up, and probably won’t get your first new client yet. That’s okay. 😋

Month 2

You get your first new client paying at least $500.
You pay me 50% of that amount.

Month 3

You get another client paying at least $500.
You pay me 50% of that amount.

& beyond

And so on, so forth, up to $3,000—it literally pays for itself!

No clients? You don’t pay. Need to keep more of what you earn? We’ll work out a plan for you.

Enrollment is  open  until October 31st.

I’ve got 3 spots left for 🗓 Q1 2021.
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