One tool for everything you write, plan, and organize. The only tool you’ll ever need for project management, sharing with clients, and more. It’s what this website is built on!

Notion takeaways

  1. Notion workspaces can be publicly accessible on the web. It’s for this reason that we’re using it for public-facing documentation like article requirements and our “Best of PubLoft” series 😋
  2. Notion uses blocks, which make it incredibly versatile. Select entire blocks or even groups of blocks to rearrange them quickly.
  3. Every page should have a breadcrumb at the top, to help with navigation on the public-facing pages since they don’t have the sidebar.

Notion hacks

  1. Use Control/Command + P to quick-switch. (Windows/Mac)
  2. Use the slash key / to pull up formatting options! If you know the format you need, you can just start typing its name:
  3. image


Notion official guide:

Help & Support