The future is freelance.
 Yours can be, too.

The future is freelance.
Yours can be, too.

Why we exist

We believe that when every human being loves their work, worksmanship quality and economic prosperity increase tremendously.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make freelance more predictable  & & more collaborative.

how it works for students

GigLoft is a new kind of school for aspiring freelancers. We’re 100% online, and have several components designed to help you succeed.

Learn to freelance

Our entire lesson library is available for free right here on our website, to help you get a feel for what it takes to break into freelance!

gigloft learn to freelance lessons

Beyond that, the real learning only happens by doing.

That’s why each GigLoft student gets 1-on-1 coaching and personalized action plans packed with every  Lesson ,  Mission , and  Workshop  you need to build a full-time freelance business around your unique self. 💁‍♀️

gigloft freelancer university curriculum

Build a portfolio of real brands

We teach you to find your own clients, but we’re also on the lookout for companies that are looking to hire freelancers! When we find them, we convince them that GigLoft students are awesome, and then give them access to your student profiles.

gigloft freelance university hiring partners

Right from Day 1, you get access to partner brands from a vast range of industries. Reach out to the ones you’re excited to work with, and let your style & skills speak for themselves.

Partners agree to publish and use your work under your name, and you get full portfolio rights.

gigloft partner brands hiring freelancers

Get ongoing mentorship from industry experts

Our generous mentors donate their time to help you when you’re stuck, or just want to move faster! 🚀

Our mentors have freelanced, built teams and agencies, been published, and earned their stripes. Their wide range of expertise spans  Research ,  Accounting ,  Mindfulness ,  Strategy  and so much more!

gigloft mentors volunteering

During your GigLoft experience, we pair you with two mentors who complement your personality and your weaknesses. You’ll alternate weekly 30-minute sessions with each one, and have access to them via email for additional support.

gigloft mentorship program experts

Join a community of ambitious people like you

Freelancing can be lonely, so we’re exploring ways we can bring our members together and build a supportive community of ambitious freelancers just like you!

gigloft slack community

So far, we’re experimenting with Slack, a LinkedIn Group, and weekly mixers. We invite students, alumni, mentors, and hiring partners and everyone loves them!

gigloft online community of freelancers

Break into the game

GigLoft is for people who are hungry and determined to succeed against all odds.

We’re for the high schoolers who don’t see college as necessary to a fruitful future. We’re for the college students who realize that a degree and a résumé won’t get them anything except status. We’re for the mid-career professionals who want to leave corporate America and go full-time freelance.

Are you itching to master your craft, to decide how much you earn, to control where and when you work? If so, fill out the form below to join the community of people changing our lives by investing in our own future as freelancers… and beyond.

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