The future is freelance.
 Yours can be, too.

The future is freelance.
Yours can be, too.

Why we exist

We believe that when every human being loves their work, workmanship quality and economic prosperity increase tremendously.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make creative entrepreneurship
more reliable  & & more collaborative.

Come to learn

GigLoft is the complete online bootcamp for creative entrepreneurs.

Learn to break into the world of freelancing, make it your full-time career if you desire, and even build a modern agency making $24,000+/month.


Side Hustle Freelance

Learn to get steady, enjoyable work without competing on freelance marketplaces, stay ahead of taxes, and set yourself up to transition to full-time if & when you decide to make the leap!


Full-Time Freelance

Go from order-taker to trusted advisor and industry expert. Create a predictable full-time income for yourself, and take full control of every aspect of your professional life and career.


Productized Agency

You’ll build an agency that runs on no-code software. Find and recruit the best freelance talent to help you scale. Build a brand, a team, and a legacy that can run without you.

Interested in one of these tracks?

Who we are

GigLoft is taught by full-time freelancers and business founders.

We’ve been there and done it, and we’re dedicated to helping passionate people like you do it, too.

gigloft team cofounder jeremy chevallier headshot
Jérémy Chevallier

Cofounder @ PubLoft, career coach

publoft logo
gigloft mentor coach adam french designer marketer rapper emote design applying awareness
Adam French

Founder @ logo
gigloft mentor dominick montgomery group
Dominick Montgomery

Principal @ The Montgomery Group

the montgomery group logo
gigloft mentor alexa rohn expert conversion copywriter
Alexa Rohn

Conversion Copywriter

alexa rohn logo
gigloft mentor jake poinier of dr freelance boomvang creative
Jake Poinier

Freelance writer, editor, author, and publisher - Dr. Freelance

boomvang creative logo
gigloft mentor sarah jensen marketing sales expert
Sarah Jensen

Partner @ Soulheart

soulheart agency logo
gigloft mentor david corfield founder ceo lifework
David Corfield

Cofounder & CEO @ LifeWork

lifework online logo
gigloft mentor Arron Bennett accountant owner bennett financials
Arron Bennett

Owner @ Bennett Financials

bennett financials logo
gigloft mentor juan mentz freelance graphic designer illustrator
Juan Mantz

Full-time Freelance UI Designer & Illustrator

juan mantz logo

Already been there & done all this?

GigLoft vs. Other Online Programs


Other Online Programs



We teach the entire spectrum of modern creative entrepreneurship. It’s an action-based curriculum packed with Workshops, Missions, and Side Quests.
Other programs focus on one topic, like marketing, or how to build a certain type of freelance business. And they’re often outdated, boring, or difficult to follow.

Time until results

Time until results

6 – 12 weeks
with GigLoft
With others, who knows?

Cost structure

Cost structure

Flexible payment programs, including our unique Pay-as-you-Grow model (requires application).
Other programs make you pay the full amount up-front, which can be prohibitive and risky.

Human support

Human support

In all programs, you get access to expert mentors, and an entire community of serious creative entpreneurs like you. In the full program, you also get a dedicated coach.
Other programs are almost always run by just one person. They either don’t include access to the teacher at all, or mentors/teachers are helping via email or limited calls.



100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get results within your program’s timeframe.
Other programs don’t guarantee results. You’ll see dislcaimers like “results not typical,” which is a big red flag.

Time commitment

Time commitment

All our programs are self-paced to match your goals and other commitments.
Other online programs release content on a specific schedule, and you can’t access it until they decide. You may also be bound to certain completion time-frames.

Build the entrepreneurial career you deserve.

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