The future is freelance.
Yours can be, too.

GigLoft gives you the education, connections, and practice you need to start a full-time freelance career so you can live life on your terms.

Why we exist

We believe that when every human being loves their work, worksmanship quality and economic prosperity increase tremendously.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make freelance more consistent and more collaborative.

how it works for students

Learn to freelance

Our diverse and action-focused curriculum covers every topic necessary to building a full-time freelance business around your unique self.

gigloft freelancer university curriculum

Build a portfolio of real brands

Right from the first week, let your style & skills speak for themselves by getting your content published on our partner brands’ blogs.

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Get mentorship from industry experts

Our generous mentors donate their time to help you when you’re stuck, or when you just want to move faster.

Break into the game

GigLoft is for people who are hungry and determined to succeed against all odds. If that’s you, request a syllabus to learn more.

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